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  1. pilkguns

    Auction of Weldon Lister's new book

    Weldon has graciously donated a copy of his new book that he will personalize to the winning bidder. there is a review of the book here bid high, bid often at this location
  2. pilkguns

    Engrave In 2019 notes

    Please read all if you are coming. Once again we have some of the most famous names in the engraving world attending plus wehave engravers coming from Sweden, Japan and Australia. Oficially we will have seminars Sunday the 9th and Monday the 10th. Beginner oriented on Sunday. More advanced...
  3. pilkguns

    the Godfather of the American Engraving Renaissance turned 96 yesterday

    the R in GRS is still kicking , give him shout if you know him. PM me if you need a number
  4. pilkguns

    interviews from FEGA

    newest video interviewing Frank Brownell Yves Halliburton and Wade Wilson
  5. pilkguns

    FAKE Nimschke

    auction 250a Does anybody know who this "Engraving Expert" is?
  6. pilkguns

    Ron and LIZ Smith

    I learn so many things about Liz one morning including how to fry the perfect egg.
  7. pilkguns

    Birthday Pie for Ron Smith.

    Had a serendipitous suprise of visiting Ron and Liz on his 80th
  8. pilkguns

    interesting antique engraving

    check it out
  9. pilkguns

    21 years ago Chuck Yeager celebrated ....

    the 50th anniversary of his breaking the sound barrier by breaking it again. He had this knife I engraved in his pocket.
  10. pilkguns

    Standing between two giants.

    Was out in Boulder the other day visiting with John Rohner and Ron Smith. A third giant, Amayak Stepanyan took the picture
  11. pilkguns

    Ifan's TED talk about his pursuit of FEGA Master

    worth a watch
  12. pilkguns

    gold from Eric Gold, you can buy !

    wow, finished 20 years ago... I remember seeing this gun in progress.
  13. pilkguns

    Auction to support the 13th annual Engrave In

    This an auction for a Steve Lindsay Classic system to get you started engraving. I want to thank everyone who attended this years 13th Annual Engrave In for all the entertainment and edification that we all gave each other. I want to THANK Steve Lindsay for being the great supporter of...
  14. pilkguns

    Maglites & Monograms

    it's been a awhile and lot's of new folks on here might enjoy looking at another great possibility to make money in the engraving world.
  15. pilkguns

    What I'm doing when I am not engraving....

    If you ever wondered why I'm not at the engraving bench as much as I used to be, this covers it pretty well.