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  1. graniteguy52

    For those really BIG engraving projects

    A friend found this on Missoula's Craigslist: Maybe for "auto" engraving?
  2. graniteguy52

    For fans of Ken Hunt

    For those who love Ken Hunts engraving, Purdey is selling a scarf designed from a Ken Hunt print. Merely 295 pounds (about $385)
  3. graniteguy52

    Engrave-ability of Beretta 692 ?

    I am looking for a relatively clean palate for engraving on $2000 to $3500 12 gauge over/unders.. The Browning 725 is "clean" but coated with nitrite. The Beretta 692 looks good, but I've no idea of how it might cut. Thanks for you help.
  4. graniteguy52

    FULL coverage 1911

    My client has worked closely with me on this project for about the last four months. It has been his vision and my execution. Any space that could fit some engraving - got it, including the back of the hammer, the muzzle, bottom of the safety levers. I had to say no to the inside of the...

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