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  1. Big-Un

    Question: How do you price the layout for an engraving job?

    I also give a flat price, usually "not to exceed" and if I'm efficient and can justify it, I'll give a little back. That doesn't happen very often. When you have a definite budget for the work you get pretty good at estimating your time.
  2. Big-Un

    Garage News: Christmas Day drawing

    Not saying the face was intended to be a self portrait, but I airbrushed a downhill skier on a van in the '70's called "Snowbound" and when it was finished my wife wanted to know why I had painted myself as the skier. Weird how things sneak in on you without you even realizing it. Any way, great...
  3. Big-Un

    Garage News: Christmas Day drawing

    My thoughts exactly!
  4. Big-Un

    Sanctuary counties/cities

    Looks like there may be a "conflict" brewing, especially since a democratic member of VA's legislature suggested they use the National Guard to enforce the gun control laws passed. To date there are more than 93 counties and cities designated sanctuary status and more signing daily.
  5. Big-Un

    Announcement: GRS 2020 Class enrollment starts today

    I was too late!!! But, I'm on the waiting list, probably way down the list.
  6. Big-Un

    Ring Divider Template

    Those are the charts I was referencing in my previous post. Thanks for resurrecting them.
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    Question: The problem of dividing section by a divider

    That sounds way too easy! Wish I had thought of it, I tend to make things too complicated when a simple solution is there for the taking with just a little forethought.
  8. Big-Un

    Question: The problem of dividing section by a divider

    Roger, I have the set of "segmented" circles like the one posted here only the entire set, divided into many different sections. When I get back home I'll try and locate it and post it. I may be off a little, but I think it was listed on this forum way back when.
  9. Big-Un

    Engraving bronze

    My experience with bronze is it is very porous. When I TIG welded it it was always producing "open" puddles, but I've not tried engraving any.
  10. Big-Un

    AKI 2019 knives

    Amazing, as always. Don't know how you do it, but you seem to get better with every project.
  11. Big-Un

    BM 9mm

    Same here in North Carolina, Roger.
  12. Big-Un

    I hate lettering

    I learned to write cursive when in the fifth grade, spending a lot of time with exercises as well as actually writing letters, so I love lettering. When doing lettering jobs, I always lay it out as perfectly as possible, then engrave it upside down and backwards in order to keep my mind from...
  13. Big-Un

    Honest Question

    As a certified "old fart" I find myself totally lost in the new generation. I was at the dr's office the other day and a young couple had their two year old daughter with them, and their daughter had her own child sized iPhone which she was operating very efficiently. I can't even figure out how...
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    I also read somewhere, probably here, to place the red hot part into a chunk of beeswax and let it cool naturally. I think a toilet bowl ring was used.
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    Forgive my asking as I should know this, but how did you anneal the gate and regarded it? I have a small toaster oven in the studio and I'm wondering if that would do the job. After it posted I noticed it quoted the wrong one, it was intended for JJ's post on annealing.
  16. Big-Un

    Engrave-In 2009

    I'm not in the picture but I'm sure I was there! A great time had by all.
  17. Big-Un

    Returning from semi-retirement

    Yes, I'm with both of you guys with social media, don't go there often. One of the downsides is we no longer have a forum on the FEGA website. It has been completely removed due to inactivity. I wonder how many here noticed.
  18. Big-Un

    Concerning the business of engraving.

    My start many years ago was cutting polished sidecutters on the construction site, the folks started bringing me their Buck 110's or similar Gerber folding hunters where I engraved the bolsters. I admit it was very crude in the early days, but they did actually pay for them. I never did anything...
  19. Big-Un

    Garage news: mini hagn underway

    Another great piece from "THE GARAGE!!!" Your talent in all mediums is really showing. Thanks for the views.
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    I also use Lysol toilet bowl cleaner, rinse with plenty of warm water, dry or blow off the water then apply a liberal dose of a water displacement fluid such as WD-40. Then use Renaissance Wax for protection if it will be a while before working on it. Be careful of Chinese White for laying out...