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  1. Arnaud Van Tilburgh

    Design for an Almar bolster knife

    Procreate scroll design for an Almar bolster knife. My new “Arno’s all brush” starts to pay off. Thanks for watching.
  2. Arnaud Van Tilburgh

    Some might remember the design I did for a titanium buckle.

    Now that I have my jewellery - engraving studio at home, I finally finished engraving my Titanium buckle. I started this with a design years ago, then it took me many years to forge the buckle out Titanium sheet. It also took me many hours to remove and stipple the background. So as it was my...
  3. Arnaud Van Tilburgh

    Interweaving and shadingnpractice.

    Here is my most recent one. I tuned me an “Arno’s Brush for all” that helps me draw a bit faster and that can draw light. I’ve been working a lot on my shading skills using Procreate and it starts to pay off. Thanks for watching.
  4. Arnaud Van Tilburgh

    Engraved Titanim eyeglasses

    You probably remember my attempt on FES and FAS Here is the first result of a pair Titanium grade 5 eyeglasses I engraved. Later if you like more, I will add my fine English version on another pair of Ti eyeglasses I finished recently. arnaud
  5. Arnaud Van Tilburgh

    Running leaf variant on Ti wedding bands [photo]

    I closed the work week by finishing this pair of wedding bands The lady was sure she wanted the running leaf variant with the beads in the centre. And before you ask no neither the engraving nor the shading lines will wear of in a lifetime. This morning a customer who wears a Ti ring I made...
  6. Arnaud Van Tilburgh

    Some unusual Ti work for a ring [photo]

    This is a design I made some time ago and it is one of my favourites because of its strength and simplicity. It is meant to hold an expensive stone like a 3 carat diamond. This time a customer had a golden pendant with this quite big blue sapphire in it. I forgot to weight it but must be over...
  7. Arnaud Van Tilburgh

    Bracelet design

    After seeing all those beautifully bracelets, I thought it was time for me to do some too. It is especially the very nice one of Andrew that got me there. I also have been looking at a lot of scrolls on the pictures that I have copied on my laptop from your works, especially the ones of Phil...