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    Ken Hunt engraved (1964) H&H double rifle for sale

    Rare chance to see a superb double rifle that Ken engraved early in his career for a famous American hunter in 1964. This rifle is for sale at WR's USA shop in Florida, so maybe some of us can drive down to see it. View it at this websit and be sure to read the writing about it completely...
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    .410 shotgun small scroll perfection

    I do not believe I have ever seen fine scroll done better. Which of WR engravers did it?????
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    Engraver Bill Gamradt article

    Received my July-August 2019 "SHOOTING SPORTSMAN" issue yesterday and in it there is a well written article about Bill Gamradt's work as an engraver. The article was written by Richard Grozik who is well known author in the wingshooting writers world and in the article Grozik describes how...

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