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    Engrave-ability of Beretta 692 ?

    you can also contact the manufacturer. they might be able to give a bit of info. just a thought.
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    Springfield 1911

    so many, i've lost track !
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    engraving aluminum and then blacking

    to answer that-- i'd need to know the surface finish. matte, shiney polished, etc. i'd probably wear a finger cot or perhaps latex gloves. you'll have to experiment to see what worx best.
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    Transfer printer settings

    get on the net. there's ways to clean those cartridges. fairly easy fixes. they also show how one can save money by refilling the used cartridges. i used to do refilling. i no longer do as i don't really do enough printing to justify the procedure.
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    engraving aluminum and then blacking

    an easy way to do this without the fuss and xtra steps{{{ use anodized blanks. no need to do any further step. to answer though, i'd use black rustoleum. the problem here-- each piece will have to be wiped clean after black is applied. not sure there's a quick & easy solution requiring no...
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    Transfer printer settings

    hp # 92 black without colors works fine for me.
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    Springfield 1911

    fwiw-- a beautiful job to my eye. i don't like the border below the ejection port. i don't see this harmonizing with the scroll style. just mpo.
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    browning logo engraving

    nice video. thank you for showing. i noticed you use a rather steep ( for me ) angle for holding your chisel. curious to know what sort of geometry you use on the face & heels.
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    Hand carved Art Nouveau "G" signet

    a superb job to my eye. looks very nicely executed.
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    What software

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    What software

    coreldraw is my fave. there's a free one or two. i think inkscape may be FREE ONE
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    Browning A5-Grade 1-Engraved Deer & Turkey

    looks to be a keeper to me.
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    awesomme watchmaking/engraving

    type" masahiro kikuno" in google. worthy of some time to look at.
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    not so. just undeservedly well off !
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    well. candles were replaced by incandescent. now, and rightfully so, the led is coming of age. my entire house/workshops are led.
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    Mother Nature's Helicopters

    cool stuff jj. remember long days ago, sam posted fotos of abagail with humming birds on her arm ?
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    Australia/NZ engravers...laser printers that work with acetone transfer?

    since you're in the south hemis, any will work-- simply turn it upside down !
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    Engraving methods

    well, imho, it really depends upon the individual, their training, and ultimately the choice they settle upon. you'll see the very finest work currently done, is done by all 3 methods. the tool is only a tool. it's the hand and mind that determines the quality of work. i have done all 3...
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    Garage News: birds and more birds

    my eye refuses to accept this as 2-d ! this looks better than work that is truly 3-d sculpted !!!
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    Scraper pictures?

    most that i made were old dental burrs & drills. i made them for detailing hobo nickels..