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    Watch engraving - before and after

    nice job mister!!!
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    Seecamp stainless

    cute little things!!!!
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    globe shot

    It is......a pedestal lamp. Have not yet got the lowered 2-4 bulb directly above. Thanks Sam
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    globe shot

    it was shot under a white/cream sheet tying to follow TOS"s protocol. With no camera stand or square in front the draped sheet it is still problematic. I am working on it. Thanks for all the pointers. Rob
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    Garage News: Sculpted buttplate progress

    Beautifully done..,....very delicate
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    bulino/scrimshaw practice

    this is bad to the bone.
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    Question: The problem of dividing section by a divider

    In the piping trade pertaining to what Mitch is talking about he used small tape.......etc as what is called a Wrap-a-Round to measure round stuff, works on anything round,oval,moon and some rombus's
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    A simple knife with snake scales

    nicely done sir
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    Elk scene

    I don't how many times I've looked at that Winnie but it's been a bunch!!!!
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    Elk scene

    Sam, as soon as I get all the stuff set up for MY tent I'll be able to see what you think. Holidays, lombar punctures and the like are making me lay down alot. I think you'll like this deal. wow on fancy's cell shots.
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    Garage News: Thanksgiving drawing

    kinda brings a feeling of calm and peace.
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    Elk scene

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    Transfer magic not sticking

    This system I researched a little on line and it looks as tho the design of this product is primarily for fabric. Is this the stuff your using please? paps
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    Transfer magic not sticking

    clear or white?
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    Elk scene

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    Elk scene

    this is what I am aiming at . Nice stuff here. Beautifully done design and execution, with outstanding ballence of course. thanks for letting us have a look. Rob
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    to you all as well
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    Happy Thanks Giving

    To all my Brothers and Sisters here and in the service of our great country, my son and all of his law enforcement professionals, our military who also protect us and the medical pro's who tend to our health.
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    wow.really makes the difference..............I see now. Thanks Sam