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    Best Case proctector for the 3rd Generation 12.9 iPad Pro

    Check out the Zugu case. No recommendations for screen covers. I don't use one.
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    Problem with GRS Power Hone

    Here is the manual for the model without a reversible motor. You didn't say which one you have. The reversible model has a capacitor which could be defective. I don't see one in the other model diagrams.
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    Problem with GRS Power Hone

    A little bit of oil, per instructions in the manual, is a good idea. Not sure if this will solve the problem, but the motor is supposed to be oiled regularly.
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    Problem with GRS Power Hone

    If you remove the belt from the pulley does the motor shaft spin freely?
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    Problem with GRS Power Hone

    May be a broken belt or the belt came off the pulley.
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    interested in pneumatic engraving

    Beginner's Tool List Lindsay GRS Rio Grande
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    2” Starrett dividers on ebay

    Looks like it's missing the knurled top piece.
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    GRS Satellite Turntable Package

    I use mine with the older GRS turntable. No problem.