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  1. santos

    Abuelo Angel's revolver

    Good evening everyone I’ll show you a few steps in the restoration of an old pistol that my grandfather Angel gave me when I was 14 years old. This gun didn’t have the proper hammer and therefore couldn’t not fire, I think this was the reason why my grandfather offered this gun to his young...
  2. santos

    Firearms Engraving in 19th century America by R.L. Wilson

    I ‘m an avid reader of R.L Wilson , his book ‘colt an American Legend’ is one of my favourites and is always in my night table. Here’s another Wilson’s interesting article : Firearms engraving in nineteenth century America...
  3. santos

    metal chequering

    I had a request for chequering a hammer by a friend armourer . He was restoring a German shotgun from the early 20th century with a broken spur on one hammer, and he welded a new one. The original left hammer had small squares 0,4mm large. I do have two liners with 6 and 10 lines that are...