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  1. Gordon

    Need help identifying this mamouth, vintage vise.

    First off... I cannot be trusted. I promised myself that I was not going to buy any more vises...then this one came along. It is an absolute monster...60 pounds, has jaws that open to 5.75", and the donut it a perfectly machined piece of bronze. Also, the jaws travel through 3 separate ways. I...
  2. Gordon

    Here's source for Alphabets & Monograms

    I found this on the Archive. org website. It is a compendium of various ornate alphabets and ornamental devices that was published in 1914. There is some wonderful, idea provoking stuff in here.
  3. Gordon

    Need help identifying vintage ball vise.

    Howdy friends and neighbors. I just posted this request for info on a Facebook engraver forum, I'm also posting here as I'm hoping that someone might be able to identify the maker, (or former owner), of this lovely, vintage ball vise that I just bought. In addition to its ornamentation...
  4. Gordon

    Dubbing a graver.

    Would someone be kind enough to show a close-up tip of a dubbed graver. I've read a bunch of descriptions of HOW it's done, (and I'm sure that I'm being really dense), but I'm just not getting what is meant in a way that I can visualize what that looks like.
  5. Gordon

    Odd "Home-brew" ball vise on ebay

    I saw this oddity on eBay this morning. I assume it's a home-built vise. It looks sort of ...ahhh...brutal. Has anyone ever seen one like this before?
  6. Gordon

    Work holding with Cerro Safe type alloys.

    Do any of you guys & gals ever use low melting alloys such as Cerrosafe etc. for work holding instead of Thermo Lock?
  7. Gordon

    Are there any other engravers from Connecticut here on the Cafe'?

    I'm in Woodbury, ( Litchfield county, between Waterbury and Danbury), and would like to connect with other local engravers.

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