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    Background relief question

    I guess the answer is you do whatever it takes. I had the same question when I started. If you don't use a rotary tool you just need to grind your own and experiment to find something that works. You might grind part of the graver away just behind the heel to gain clearance so that you don't...
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    Sam's book

    Sam's book arrived this AM. Good work Sam, a great book for study.
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    What software

    Go on Amazon and look for copies of Corel. Some places are selling off older copies that are inexpensive and work well. I Don't know if the same is true for Adobi Illus. But I'd check it out.
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    Question: Cleaning/ Finishing up engraved items.

    I had a similar question earlier. In western bright cut the objective is complete coverage. All surfaces are bright from the polished graver. In the class I took on bright cutting the finished project was very lightly buffed on a soft wheel. What ever polishing or buffing you do it should...
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    Finishing bright cut silver

    I need to know what type of buffing wheel and compound I need to buff after pickle. Also, there is a type of light buffing that is used for a final finish. There is also a grey wheel that is used to grind the edges. Where do I get the items I need. Currently I am doing all my polishing by...
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    Something I discovered and I am sure others know this while others may not, is that the iBook, Script in the Copperplate Style By Dr. Joseph Vitolo is free for the ipad and mac. It is interactive and is a great resource of information on lettering. Take a look at it if you have not heard of it.
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    Let me show you my first metal engraving ...

    WOW! Fantastic work.
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    GRS Satellite Turntable Package

    Me too! Had mine for more than a year.
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    Help, please: Single scroll

    Very good for early attempts. I feel that engraving is much like handwriting. Everyone will develop their own style. It must be neat clean and have good form though. Many people's handwriting today is not neat and have good form. Look as many different examples of engraving as you can and...
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    Photo upload test

    Good work Sam! It is much better and faster for me.
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    Buckle loop hinge

    I haven't don what I am suggesting but it might work. Try small tubing and a rod that will fit inside. I know that Riogrande has tubing and rods that fit inside the tubing in silver that would work.
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    Announcement: A Great Engraver Honored.

    I had 2 classes with Diane. She was a great help to me. Congrats!!!

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