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    Question: Magnification

    Do hand engravers ever use magnifying glasses like used by technicians or others doing delicate close-up work? Thank you! Dave
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    "Old English" Font

    Practice plate for review...... Sorry, difficult to photo. Thank you for your comments, Dave
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    Practice Plate

    Dear Engravers Cafe friends: I have been studying and practicing for 1 1/2 years. I'm a beginner and a student. Thank you for viewing and your comments. Dave Friedman
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    Watch Engraving

    Dear Engravers: Would I be correct when engraving a stainless steel watch the movement is removed from the case? Also, are the links on the band dis-assembled, or can the band and links be engraved without dis-assembly? Thank you! Dave Friedman
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    Transfer question: Ink drying

    Dear Engravers, I have an HP inkjet printer....I have Tom White’s transfer sheets and Transfer Magic.... when I print ink comes out “wet” and doesn’t dry well, causing transfer problems..... Any help/answers to this situation to aid in transfer process is appreciated. Thank you! Dave
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    Printing Transfers Question

    Dear Engravers, I am a new student to engraving..... I have had some good success and some problems with making transfers with clear acetate sheets. I am using Tom White's "Transfer Magic". I am following his instructions. I am using the following supplies/equipment: ~Canon Pixma MG3620 Ink-Jet...