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    Platinum. overlays

    Thanks Sam and Mitch.
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    Multi color inlay work

    Brian. That is super good work. I know how it is to use different metals. It takes a lot of know how and planning. I just love your stuff. Don't burn out.
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    Platinum. overlays

    Question. How good does platinum take teeth. Like single teeth for overlays?
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    Multi color inlay work

    A technical genius at work here. Brian, Did you use any platinum on this?
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    What's the best gold alloy to work on?

    I don't think I would like the apoxy coating either for the reasons you stated. But Cerkote has some coatings that are matte finish and you can even mix the gloss with the matte to obtain the finish you want. I is expensive but anything great is. Cheap is cheap looking. Years ago Ron Smith did...
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    Quick question about dividers.

    The type of point depends on what you want to do with them. I use 3 or 4 type of dividers
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    What's the best gold alloy to work on?

    I used a lot of gold alloy but all the alloy I use is nothing but pure silver and 24K gold. If there is ANY Copper in it it will tarnish. Pure silver alloys are very soft. Alloys that tarnish can be coated with Cerakote clear and will last indefinitely. there is no known solvent that will...
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    Advanced Shading

    Sam. Both your emails came through. You are not the only one telling me this. I think it's Microsoft. could be a hacker.
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    Advanced Shading

    Sam. I just figured out the problem. It was a credit union mixup. I will re order. Some crook tried to hack my account and the credit union locked up the account temporarily. I just want everybody to know it was not on your end. Sorry for any confusion.
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    Advanced Shading

    I purchased this video about 1 month ago and have not recieived it yet.
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    Marty said"Also visually it also depends on what it is next to in order to make it seem lighter or darker. ". For a perfect example of this , look at Sam's self portrait engraving on one of his posts. Note how the background is very dark compared to his face. This makes his face and shirt seem...
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    My first attempt at Sam’s shading video.

    Gee. That looks pretty good.
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    Help with GRS Gravermach tuning/setup

    Sounds like the foot pedal adjustment to me.
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    Question: grs graverhone vs. powerhone

    Tool steel gravers are very sensitive to heat and can be softened at no more than 350° F. 500° F will pretty much ruin them. But they can be re hardened and tempered again. HSS must be held at over 1000 deg for a extended period time to soften them. I use carbon steel for special shapes...
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    Question: grs graverhone vs. powerhone

    Do your selves a favor and look up the annealing process for HSS. I guarantee you won't take the temper out of it with a graver hone. Also look up the tempering temp.
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    Question: grs graverhone vs. powerhone

    I have GRS's graverhone that Sam is talking about and I love it. They should have made it 20 years ago and it would have saved me buying 4 others. It is the best I ever had and it is reversible also.
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    Question: treading on sensitive ground...graver formulas

    I don't think that is what he is talking about. I have that info but it is burried. I have found that a parallel gives very little advantage. so I never use it anymore. Just me but it isn't worth fooling with.
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    Inlay question

    The finest dental burs are only 1/4 mm. They would be sufficient but are very hard to obtain. correction ---I can't find a dental bur smaller than .5mm that;s .020"
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    Question: leonardos light

    I bought one and there were no extra charges.
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    Question: turntable

    I never buy anything because it is cheap. I have had at least three turn tables and the late GRS is better than anything I ever had. I haven't heard anybody brag about the others.