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    Using Dot Punches

    If they are of the size that fits in your pneumatic graver, then use that. You’ll need high power settings. You'll need to use the microscope for good placement. There‘s a reason the punches are so inexpensive...they are expendable items. They’ll last a fairly long time in soft metals, less...
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    Critique Request First Celtic Knot Work

    There’s a much easier and foolproof method to create complex Celtic knot work. Squares, rectangles, circles, oddball shapes, all easily done, all turnings and crossings just fall into place automatically. Above is an animated gif that demonstrates the basic methodology. I’ve written a 231...
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    Anybody recognize these hammers.

    Maybe just homemade machinist dead blow and soft face hammers?
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    Japanese Inlay Technique.

    And another:
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    Japanese Inlay Technique.

    Here’s a bit on overlay by Sam Alfano from the tips archive that should help:
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    I just finished this, and it's titanium. Not certain what grade it is, it seemed a little softer than Grade 5. As with all tough metals, the biggest thing that matters is your skill with graver technique. Check out my website, instagram and facebook for lots of things engraved in titanium...
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    Good, inexpensive, engraveable knife?

    CRKT Squid or Pilar in stainless steel...about $30 Spyderco Byrd series knives in stainless steel...about $30
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    black paint?

    Don’t bother with the AUL solvent for Antique Black...lacquer thinner works just fine.
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    black paint?

    I use this stuff, works great. Is more expensive than Rustoleum, but Black Antique seems to provide a deeper black color and goes on thinner (less buildup in deep areas).
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    Titanium Advice

    Depends, which alloy do you have in mind? There are lots, and I mean lots. I’ve engraved Grade 1 titanium, Grade 2, Grade 5 (aka 6Al4V Ti), and Grade 38. Anything other than Grade 1 or 2 is probably fairly hard, but clean cutting. If you’re going to cut a titanium scale on a knife, it’s a 99%...
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    Announcement: Celtic Line Drawing eBook

    Hi Doc, Unfortunately, the Amazon Kindle version is incompatible with iPad, iPhone and Mac computers. Those with Apple iPads, iPhones or Macs should purchase through Apple iTunes. Here’s a link for those with Apple equipment...
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    Not good for engraving. Here’s what I use for most background removal (smallest they make): If I get below 10 on hand, I order more. I also use the #2, #5, and #8 (larger sizes). Best of...
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    Anyone have affinity photo please

    Sounds like you’re asking about a Stroke action. Here’s some info here:
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    Announcement: Celtic Line Drawing eBook

    Thanks, Jonathan! Hope you find it useful, and share with us what you draw. Tom
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    Knife steels engraveable?

    Hi Gwai, Sounds like you’re wanting to engrave, then harden knife steels? If so, then something nobody has mentioned is scale management during heat treatment...scale formation will definitely ruin your engraving without some serious scale suppression. I’d recommend not engraving the blades...
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    Announcement: Celtic Line Drawing eBook

    Great, thanks! Hope you enjoy it. And let’s see what you come up with. Tom
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    Announcement: Celtic Line Drawing eBook

    Thanks, Jim! I appreciate the kind words. Tom
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    Announcement: Celtic Line Drawing eBook

    I’ve been beavering away finishing up my instructional eBook, Celtic Line Drawing – Simplified Instructions. After two years of effort, I’m finally ready to show it to the world! Celtic Line Drawing - Simplified Instructions leads you step by step into the fascinating world of creating Celtic...
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    Scraper pictures?

    Here’s a link to “Making Small Scrapers for Engravers” on the Lindsay forum... it used to be here but I can’t find it now: Hope it’s of use! Tom
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    Question regarding level of microscope magnification

    I engrave with 12.5x most of the time. 17.5 x for really tight spots.