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  1. didyoung

    Doodle idea

    Working some kinks.
  2. didyoung

    A few items

    A few items that i built and engraved
  3. didyoung

    Engraved Al Mar

  4. didyoung


    a hand full of saddle conchos
  5. didyoung

    pill box

    sterling pill box...toothpick carrier:tiphat:
  6. didyoung

    copper bracelet

    engraved copper bracelet
  7. didyoung

    turquoise bracelet

    a bit of Christmas work:tiphat:
  8. didyoung

    3 piece buckle set

    working on a buckle set today:tiphat:
  9. didyoung

    scroll design

    a new scroll design:drawing: your thought and comments are welcome:tiphat:
  10. didyoung

    custom ring


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