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    free beer tomorrow

    Hope that got your attention. Just curious what you guys might have as an opinion, working my way up to engraving guns and getting pretty close. My desire is to do a 1911 kimber because it fits the style that I like better for the scrolls, very flowy/elegant, but i know a derringer would be...
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    Question: Cheers

    I wanted to ask an obvious question without the cliches. What would be the best advise from the engravers who do this for a living? I understand that staying humble, disciplined, and having that knack for perfectionism come in quite handy in life and especially engraving, but what nugget of...
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    Question: Throwback to an old thread

    What do you guys like to listen to at the bench to get you in the zone? I like silence when i really want to focus, but everyones got an opinion, so tell me yours!
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    Critique Request keytag

    Keytag with an original design. Break it down and give me your worst. Only things I might change are some elements on the outside or relieving all the way to the border. Really these are practice for shading and will give em away, but in the meantime, thanks for looking.
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    Critique Request Balanced pendant for beginner

    From a perfectionist who never gets anything done, i am trying to give up that overly critical aspect. This is a good step for me as its something i can cut and improve on. Give me your critique if you would. I will clean up my edges, angles, and add shading, but overall wadya think?
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    Honest Question

    With the cultural changes in the united states, has it made it harder to find clients interested in high end engraved firearms?, and is the future for engraving mostly going to be in other creative palates like jewelry, motorcycles,etc. I will be very upset if anybody brings politics into...
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    Positive and Negative

    Thank you Sam Alfano for the scroll drawing DVD and Ron Smith for the book. It makes the world of a difference for us beginners. On that same note, I took the advice to get a nautilus for good reference on logarythmic spirals. Something I decided to try out was putting a negative imprint into...
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    Critique Request First completed knife

    First tries are the best and worst. Best in that it's a new experience, and worst in execution. I'm happy with it being a first and already know the points of contention, but wanted to get some critique from the people who really know what they are looking at. Thank you for looking, As this...
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    Lettering and calligraphy instruction

    There was an amazing set of articles on this website about penmanship and the like. Couldn't quite find it in the tips archive or search and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.
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    Blade engraving

    Looking for tips on blade engraving. I am working with a local knifemaker and friend and have a blade to engrave before he quenches. I have heard that there is about a quarter shrinkage in the engraving itself but have also seen great detail on shading on other blades. Just looking for some...
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    Procreate critique request

    Thanks for taking a look! This will be darkened once I find the lines that I am looking for, but I am looking for some honest feedback into any corrections or what would really get this design going in the right direction. This will be engraved on a standard zippo (gravermeister, 901...
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