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    free beer tomorrow

    Im gonna stick to the rule, if you cant add value to the gun, then dont do it, so ill probably go with the kimber stainless target. I was mainly concerned with the hardness difference between the two, but Ill take the plunge and go for the one i want. Thanks dcurrie, I like what you did with...
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    free beer tomorrow

    Hope that got your attention. Just curious what you guys might have as an opinion, working my way up to engraving guns and getting pretty close. My desire is to do a 1911 kimber because it fits the style that I like better for the scrolls, very flowy/elegant, but i know a derringer would be...
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    Help, please: Grs 901 compressors

    Its got a handle if you had to hang it from the ceiling lol. Best of luck, and welcome
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    Help, please: Grs 901 compressors

    The sil air through grs is exactly what you are looking for. The california air they offer is far too loud for what you need. I have tried both and now use the sil air with my gravermach AT in an apartment setting. No noise problems.
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    Mckenzie style scroll

    It definitely honors his work and has your own signature. Thank you for sharing.
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    Question: Cheers

    I wanted to ask an obvious question without the cliches. What would be the best advise from the engravers who do this for a living? I understand that staying humble, disciplined, and having that knack for perfectionism come in quite handy in life and especially engraving, but what nugget of...
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    Question: treading on sensitive ground...graver formulas
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    Question: treading on sensitive ground...graver formulas

    The heel is based off of feel, not necessarily a formula. 15 degrees works great for most, or if you have a radiused heel, 10-15 rocking it back and forth. Not necessarily a guarded secret, but check out sams sharpening dvd, good purchase for sure. If you need a heel on a 120 degrees graver...
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    Question: Throwback to an old thread

    Im always curious to see how vibrations effect reality. From the silence of nature, to using metallica to torture prisoners at guantanamo, it always makes me interested to see harmony, and what that looks like for everybody. Alot of dissonance going on right now in the world and its been...
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    Announcement: My new video ADVANCED SHADING Master Class

    Made me laugh a little when I heard the bird in the background of the video. Thanks for doing such great work. Highly recommend the video, it took me from this to this. But in all seriousness, trying the 120 for shading too is kicking my butt, but well worth the effort with the dynamic line...
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    introduction: Hi, I'm Caleb

    Keep em coming, great start my friend
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    Business advice for engravers

    Its a dead link, but i think i found some good basic business advice from a few other postings, so all is well if not. Its from over ten years ago, so it was a shot in the dark.
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    Turntable setup

    I recommend the satelite with the base for the fact that you can change all other factors like a bench, table etc, So you can buy as your grow. Lindsay has one too that i saw, but i got the satellite and am very pleased.
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    Business advice for engravers

    Is there anyway to dig up that article you printed sir? That would be invaluable to us greenhorns.
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    Question: Throwback to an old thread

    What do you guys like to listen to at the bench to get you in the zone? I like silence when i really want to focus, but everyones got an opinion, so tell me yours!
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    Critique Request keytag

    Thank you. I wont blow up the cafe with every finished piece, but when i get to the last one ill post to see progress. Much appreciated for the critique and confidence.
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    Critique Request keytag

    Attempt number four and I will likely do ten more till I am satisfied. A couple points i will try to address are that I will make the design stretch closer to the edge next time and use a 120 for shading instead of the 105, balance the outside elements better and go deeper with the background...
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    Critique Request keytag

    Thanks for the input from all. This is step number I dont want to count anymore, but im liking it more and more. Sorry for the two photos, the add photo feature hates me on the mobile version.

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