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    Absolute beginner question

    Hi all, Last week was the first time I picked up and attempted to use my hand push gravers. I have a large copper plate divided out into lines to practice lines and curves on. I am wondering if there is something (video, pictures, book etc...) out there, a guideline, as to what my lines should...
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    Question: Seeking organization advice -- sharpening tools

    My graver sharpening method consists of (template assisted) hand sharpening on a couple of different grits of water stone, followed by polishing on a leather strop. Because of budget issues (this is a hobby, I doubt I could recoup money spent on equipment), I can't justify any kind of powered...
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    Help, please: Looking for advice on choosing an engraving system

    Hello everyone, I’m new (new, like I know nothing at all) to engraving and I thought this would be the best place to look for wisdom. I’ve gone through many of the threads and I found the engraver’s club has numerous resource personals are under one roof and I hope I’m at the right...
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    Question: Has anyone used one of these turntables?

    Hi there, I'm new to the forum and relatively new to hand engraving - just looking for some advice. I'm trying to set up my jewellery bench at home for some engraving and setting. I'm looking at possible solutions for holding my block. Right now it's too high, sitting inside my bench...

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