1. DakotaDocMartin

    Interesting: Argentium vs Continuum vs Sterlium Tarnish

    Here's something of interest about how the various non-tarnishing silvers fare over time. Argentium vs Continuum vs Sterlium Tarnish
  2. DakotaDocMartin

    Silver prices

    Silver keeps going up so I figured I'd get a piece to make my wife a cuff bracelet one of these days. A piece of Stuller's "Sterlium Plus" (their version of Argentium Silver) in 14 gauge that measures 1.5 inch X 6 inch came to $168.01. :shock:
  3. DakotaDocMartin

    Sterlium Plus vs. Argentium Silver sheet?

    I ordered out some strips of Argentium Silver sheet back in March from Stuller. I was just now looking on their website and saw their selection of Argentium sheet is down to only a few thicknesses of thin gauges. I now see they have Sterlium Plus sheet listed. From what I can gather, it's...
  4. Baygraver

    Presentation Piece

    Hello all, This is an Argentium silver presentation piece for my nephew who is to be married in October. They asked for a “beachyâ€￾ theme. It incorporates chasing, repousse and engraving. It measures 8â€￾x6â€￾ on 22 Gauge sheet. The engraving was all done using a 39 flat...