ball vise

  1. S

    Machinist/Gunsmith Homemade ball vise questions

    Hey everyone, I am a Gunsmith and a Machinist who wants to learn engraving. I have the means to build my own vise but it would be nice to be able to have a vise that can use GRS jaws and accessories. My questions are can anybody provide me with the GRS vise jaw specs and or the specs for the...
  2. H

    Looking for dis-assembly direction for my old Muehlmatt vise

    I am a brand new member of this forum, so this post will likely not get seen by many. Hoping to get some guidance in restoration of the old ball vise (block) that I have had for a few years now. As I took it apart, it became obvious that I am missing a piece of the puzzle, as it were, and...
  3. O

    Ball vise purchase

    hello fellow Engravers, Tools are very importand in every profession. A key item for Engravers is the Ball vise. As an engraving Student my budget is streched and therefore I was looking for an economic solution for my ball vise. I like to share with you my experience. After analysing the...
  4. DakotaDocMartin

    Better Ball Vise Hex Key/Wrench

    I think it was Mike Dubber I saw using a T-handled hex key to tighten up his ball vise. That's a WAY better way to go about it. I never could really give my GRS Low Profile vise a good tightening with the regular key that came with it. So, I bought a 1/4 in. T-handle hex key and cut it off...