1. S

    Help, please: Scrollwork Design Methodology

    My grandfather is starting to teach me how to engrave and I’ve started to draw scrolls in my spare time. Every time I start one I get “stuck” and my scrolls quickly fall into chaos. Does anyone here have any suggestions about drawing basic scrolls? What kind of process do you use? Any particular...
  2. Golabekrafts

    My first project (tsuba)

    I’ve been working on a wakizashi for a while, and it’s pretty much complete, however recently I decided the tsuba needs to be engraved, so I’ve begun learning. I’m going to start work on it soon, the general gist of it is; inlay bronze around the perimeter, inlay silver moon, inlay bronze sun...
  3. HattieW

    Announcement: Excellent Instruction

    Hello everyone. I am so happy to have joined this amazing community of artisans. I just wanted to share the wonderful experience I had studying with JJ Roberts in Manassas, VA this August. I am a self-taught metalsmith and have been a jewelry instructor for quite a few years. I purchased a used...
  4. F

    Help, please: Help a newb starting his journey from blank

    Good evening everyone, i need your help with.. well, it feels like everything. After suffering from burnout last year i want to reorientate my profession. Next year i will have an internship as a goldsmith - coming from IT - and since then i am following videos about engraving and kinda felt in...
  5. J

    Beginner looking for a class.

    I want to get into engraving and based on what I've read taking a class is the best way to start. I contacted an engraver here in Arizona, but he retired from teaching classes. Do any of you know any engravers in Arizona that still do classes.
  6. M

    Question: New member equipment advice!

    Hi everyone, I'm a brand new member and complete beginner from the UK, so I thought I would introduce myself and get a little advice! First of all thank you for accepting me, so far the forum has been very inspirational and I've seen some incredible and inspiring engraving! I can't wait to...
  7. L

    Absolute beginner question

    Hi all, Last week was the first time I picked up and attempted to use my hand push gravers. I have a large copper plate divided out into lines to practice lines and curves on. I am wondering if there is something (video, pictures, book etc...) out there, a guideline, as to what my lines should...
  8. P

    Okay! Humbility Time

    Humbility is a word I just made up while perusing the pictures of various engravers I've watched for a spell. I looked back and saw the improvement and changes in design and ability. Some nmay think that Sam Alfano, Drain, Didyoung were born with engraving tools in their hands but I assure all...
  9. M

    Question: Which engraver system to get??? GRS, Enset or Lindsay?

    bing a newbie, I don't know what brand to get. my dream is to scroll, sculptr and jewlry. I bet you guys or gals will enlighten me. cheers. thankyou. wayne
  10. C

    Question: Engraving Classes in Vancouver, BC?

    Hello! I recently discovered the fine art of engraving and am very fascinated by it. Unfortunately, I've been looking and asking around for beginner's engraving classes but can't seem to find any here in Vancouver. I'm wondering if there are any folks here that know who or where I could find...
  11. Rusty Shackleford

    Another Practice on Aluminum

    This is another practice session I did on an aluminum electrical enclosure. Shading is horrible, but turned out like a 20footer paint job, the more you back up the better it looks lol. Practice makes perfect gotta keep on cuttin! :graver:
  12. Rusty Shackleford

    Pineal Practice

    I completed one side of this aluminum electrical enclosure last night, have about an hour in it. I have no idea why I chose the design other than I thought it was interesting. Will be doing the other side of the box next with the same design, only taking time to try to do it better of course...
  13. M

    Help, please: beginner: will pay for help in newark, de/ elkton, MD area. willing to travel

    Hello everyone, I'd like to start off by saying I admire all of your work and knowledge... needless to say I thought this looked a lot easier then it really is. I recently purchased a collection of engraving equipment from my boss, who's father was an engraver for the Franklin mint before he...
  14. T

    Question: Im a poor college student ixed on learning to engrave. Help on cheaper/homemade tools

    I have always loved engraved firearms, and am an avid firearm owner, reloader, bullet caster. I just started reading up on hand engraving and I know I would love it. I made myself a grave out of the back of a high speed drill bit that turned out kind of nice, I cut a piece of dowel off and used...
  15. A

    Announcement: Great learning experience

    As a beginner in the world of gun engraving I had a great experience with Rex Pedersen teaching a start to finish shotgun engraving class at GRS training center in Emporia. The class was well organized,taught effectively and had exceptional equipment. Sandy Popavich a master gunsmith/engraver...
  16. D

    All I want is to do some super-basic designs. Why is engraving the Da Vinci Code?

    Hi all - I'm new here. *wave* I'm a beginning metalworker making basic piercing & cut-out accessories and jewelry. I would love to expand my design capabilities by being able to engrave basic details onto my flat pieces. For instance: if I cut out something like, I dunno, a bunny...
  17. X

    Help, please: 1st steps for a Rookie

    Hello all. My name is Kenny. I live in El Paso, TX. I am always very amazed by the artwork and skill that goes into engraving. While I was deployed I tried to do some research on trying to start engraving. I couldnt really seem to find the information I was looking for. I need to know what...
  18. Jericho

    Question: Vice preference

    :thinking: I am starting to need a good vice as I am getting more and more into engraving. Does anyone have any good, inexpensive options for a begginer?:tiphat:
  19. Jericho

    Question: Engraving Tool Preferences

    :thinking: I am starting to think about getting a "true" engraving tool. I have started out with a high quality rotary tool (which against popular belief does not make a total mess of projects) but I see the obvious need for a tool that can get crisp thin cuts on the knives and firearms that I...
  20. Jericho

    Question: Finding scroll patterns

    :thinking: I am wondering what is a good place online or a book or something of the sort to find good scrollwork patterns. I can draw my own but I would rather be using that time to draw animals and such for my projects. If anyone has any suggestions they would be much appreciated.:tiphat:

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