1. BBennett

    Ron Smith's Fundamentals of Lettering Videos.

    Just wanted to advise everyone that there are 2 new Ron Smith's teachings on YouTube. They are 2 parts of a 7 part series entitled "The Fundamentals of Lettering for Hand Engravers". These are the Parts and Links: Part 1: Introduction, Tools and Tips Part 2: Block Lettering Remaining parts...
  2. S

    Question: Engraving vise

    Hello everybody, I need your opinion on Engraving vises/blocks. As I currently don't have one, I am looking to get myself a good one that will suit me for a while. Before the need arises to buy an extra one to hold things the first one cant. What I want to do is engrave small...
  3. Chujybear

    Question: grs positioning vise

    there a video of the grs positioning vise in action? how much travel does it have from one extreme to the other? does it travel along one axis? and if so is that axis perpendicular to to opening of the jaw? thank you:thinking:
  4. Chujybear

    Vice jaws

    What do you call the type of jaw that goes on a ball vice? Is it a centering chuck? Isn't coming up with quite what I'm after in search queries... Anybody out there know the correct term that is escaping me? Thanks