1. M

    Engraved in the round.

    Okay, maybe not so much engraved as it it sculpted.. Here is a brass sculpture I did back in the last century, 1999, (has it really been that long?) Anyway, I saw a beautiful card with this fish caught on a fly jumping out of the water. Decided I had to see the other side. It was carved...
  2. W

    Critique Request Newbie engravers first attempt at relief engraving

    So here it is my first attempt. I know I have a long way to go but you got to start somewhere. Sorry about the photo I am putting together a photo booth today. I have not had the luxury of receiving any formal lessons. That being said, any pointers are greatly appreciated!!!!
  3. M

    Question: Suggestion on Brass type to use for knife.

    I am a starting knife maker and engraver. I would like to use a nice brass for a knifes bolster, pins and for inlay. It was mentioned that I should be aware that there are a number of brass types and to get the same brass for each of the components. In searching here there appears to be a...
  4. Baygraver

    What's this!

    Hi all, One of the advantages of have a studio in a silversmith/restoration shop is that you get to inspect all the items that come through for a while. I want to share this three foot diameter brass tray with you and ask if anyone can provide further information as to its origins. My...