bulino engraving

  1. N

    Critique Request First Bulino Attempt

    This is my first attempt at Bulino. I welcome any criticism, help, advice, guidance... I'm new to this, so be kind, please!
  2. Jan Hendrik

    Critique Request My second bulino engraving attempt

    Thsi is my second attempt at bulino engraving on grade 2 Titanium knife bolsters. Your input and advice will be greatly appreciated!
  3. T

    Question: Bulino Drawing

    Is Aluminum good for Bulino :drawing:Drawing ?
  4. Ron Jr.

    Mini Pry Poison Dart Frog

    My first mini pry. Decided to bulino engrave a poison dart frog on this one. Made the mini pry using un-tempered 1/8" 416 stainless steel bar-stock (I know not the best choice, but it's basically for "pretty" anyways). I am pleased that I managed to pull off a slight 3d effect with the artwork...
  5. jaydf

    bulino line engraving

    Subject: Lion Material: Steel Dimension: 40mm x 55mm Work-hours: 10 hrs (approx) a short home made video clip ive made https://vimeo.com/75277373 photo of the finished practice plate ps: my first post, so guys pls be gentle on the comments :):thumbsup:;)

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