1. B

    Question about coloring

    Hey everyone Recently i figured i wanted to try engraving/ carving for some projects. But i ran into a problem. Here is the link were i got the idea from...
  2. Chujybear

    Question: Fix turning for small sculpture

    Fixturing for small sculpture I am working, doing the embroidery (engraved details) on a small totem pole that I carved. I am using something like the decammalis wood blocks in my vise. This allows me to turn the piece and access the sides, as well as, somewhat, get my Gravers in and carve...
  3. Gargoyle

    Genovese scroll work

    I just spent some more time in Genoa, doing further research on the Staglieno cemetery. (some of you are familiar with the book I wrote last year on that magnificent place). I spent a day walking around town photographing the architectural ornament, and took these photos of scrollwork and...
  4. C

    Greeting from China traditional metal carver

    Greeting from China Carver :beerchug: Call me Charles, pls. i speack Chinese, also a little English. Come from China mainland. Im happy have know this great forum thanks to my other friend. I love the chinese traditional carving very much, also we call them worldwide traditional metal...

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