1. N

    Engraving Instruction in California

    Hello all, I was wondering if I may solicit some advice in finding some basic engraving courses. As of now it appears my best option is to take some classes at the GRS training center. Before I sign up I was wondering if there is anyone who knows of and could recommend any classes in...
  2. A

    Announcement: Pendlton Cattle Barons Weekend

    This is Amy Raymond again with Pendleton Cattle Barons. We are gearing up for this years contest. I hope that everyone keeps us in mind for your bits, spurs and anything you have engraved. This year I have added a layout class that will be taught by Diane Scalese. The contest is held May 9th...
  3. JJ Roberts

    Whale Tooth Schrimshaw of An American Bald Eagle

    Just finished this schrimshaw on a whale's tooth of an American Bald Eagle for a repeat client. JJ
  4. J

    hey everyone

    just sayin hi, i just finished the class at GRS with todd daniels...... awesome!!! he is a great teacher and a great person. i dont talk alot or ask alot of questions but i learned sooo much this week.... also i found out about this forum so i'll be reading it all the time....

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