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    Beginner looking for a class.

    I want to get into engraving and based on what I've read taking a class is the best way to start. I contacted an engraver here in Arizona, but he retired from teaching classes. Do any of you know any engravers in Arizona that still do classes.
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    Question: engraving/stone setting as a career

    I have quite a large fork in the road of my career in the near future. I can either take over the jewelry store I have been working at or go the way of the at home engraver or maybe stone setter and I would love some input form those that do it every day as a career. I am 28, been a bench...
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    Question: Engraving Classes in Vancouver, BC?

    Hello! I recently discovered the fine art of engraving and am very fascinated by it. Unfortunately, I've been looking and asking around for beginner's engraving classes but can't seem to find any here in Vancouver. I'm wondering if there are any folks here that know who or where I could find...
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    Beginner Classes in Los Angeles

    Hi everyone! I'm brand new and gathering information about learning..I've read the best way is to take some classes. Does anyone know of someone who teaches in the Los Angeles area? Also, with the air powered systems what other materials can you engrave besides metal? Does it work on glass...

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