1. JJ Roberts

    Colt Super .38 Restored

    Colt Super .38 Restored
  2. J

    Help, please: Looking for Firearms Engraver, Last Name Snider

    Recently purchasde two Colt Single Action Revolvers that are beautifully engraved. The name Snider is engraved on the bottom of the grip. Cannot find anything on the Internet that will give me more information on this engraver. Would appreciate any info anyone may have.
  3. G

    small colt

    small 1911 colt government model in 380 I engraved for a regular customer in my version of Western scroll. This pistol is approximately. It's about 5/8 the size of a full sized 1911. I'm not sure what the specific designation is.
  4. DakotaDocMartin

    Engraving Price List from the 2013 Colt Custom Shop Catalog

    I was looking through the Colt's Mfg. Co. website and downloaded their 2013 Colt Custom Shop price list. Here is the section on engraving prices. It would be interesting to know how much they add for a handling fee. :eek:
  5. MexicanEngraver

    Colt 1911 " THE TIGER "

    Colt 1911 " The Tiger " Finished in nickel Engraving and Design Made in Mexico By Ing. Luis Rojas. :drawing::hammer: over 100 years in art engrave :hammer: you can see more samples of my work in:
  6. MexicanEngraver

    Yet another Colt 1911 Frame

    Colt 1911 Frame, engraved and Design Ing. Rojas Arreguin:hammer:
  7. MexicanEngraver

    Critique Request Colt Combat Commander

    Colt Combat Commander, Engraving By Don Luis Rojas:tiphat:, Cuernavaca Morelos Mexico
  8. MexicanEngraver

    Colt 4 horses

    Colt 4 Caballos, Grabada por Don Luis Rojas, Cuernavaca Morelos Mexico
  9. MexicanEngraver

    Revolver Colt Single Action 38 Spl

    Hi, Show to you another engraved work made in Mexico in Revolver Colt Single Action, By Don Luis Rojas:tiphat: Mexican Eagle

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