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    Silentair 20A setup help

    Just need some detailed help setting up a new silentaire 20A compressor. Oil is filled to max line. Air intake cap on, but now I’m not sure whether to cover the oil intake per with a rubber backing it came with or what? Can’t find any info in videos or manual as they aren’t the same model.
  2. M

    Help, please: compressor help

    I'm looking to buy the gravermax g8 i do some push graving right now for silversmithing (but far from a master graver lol) but have become very intrested in the art I have found this company in calli and wondering if this compressor is what i need or will work so on an so on...
  3. V

    getting new pro set up for engraving and setting

    hello, loving all the tips,tricks and personalities on here. I have decided it's time to bite the bullet, and get properly set up with a powered graver and the rest. Im still decididng between Lindsay palm, or grs, but the main decisions are as follows. the scope- looking at meiji EMZ-5 on...

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