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    Announcement: Ron P. Nott Memorial

    At Steve's suggestion, I got permission from Carol Nott to take some pictures of what she has done with Ron's engraving studio. Here they are with a couple more I took about 2-3 months before Ron passed away. If you happen to have others of Ron, please add them to this thread with a...
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    Critique Request My Spruced up CCW

    I've been working on this in my spare time since this summer. It has a "2nd Amendment" theme with the flag, 13 inlaid stars, inlaid borders, lettering, scroll work, crossed olive branches on the muzzle, and a small bulino eagle. I also did the bluing. Tnx!
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    Design question

    What do you do when you're laying out a design for a gun that will be blued after significantly important inlays? The scroll work will be mostly obscured by the dark bluing leaving the highlighted inlays. Do you just imagine what the reversed image will look like, or do you use any other...
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    Ray Cover - syllabus misleading!!!

    This is what his website states he covers for the Intermediate Class: gold line inlay gold sheet inlay more advanced scroll design refining cutting techniques and individual skills HOWEVER... At the July class I attended he thoroughly covered: Lots of special graver...
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    Not engraving but tiny sculpture

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    Help, please: Firearm Profiles (2)

    Categorized by type (pistol, revolver, rifle, etc.). Specifically identified where possible. Thanks to all the contributors. To add more, either add the picture to this thread, or email them to me (I'll add them to the Sticky).
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    Firearm profiles

    Categorized by type (pistol, revolver, rifle, etc.). Specifically identified where possible. Thanks to all the contributors. To add more, either add the picture to this thread, or email them to me (I'll add them to the Sticky).
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    Scratchboard art

    Mark Summers is one of today's best. There's also a short tutorial: http://www.behance.net/MarkSummers
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    I can't let this go unnoticed...

    Obviously, my posts have brought out the best and worst in some respondents. On the positive side, I've gotten a few very instructive and encouraging forum responses; some very nice PMs; an invitation to go one-on-one via Skype; and today a small package from Cloudy. There was no writing...
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    Ron's latest Kious

    I took these Tuesday at Ron's. Up close and personal it's even more beautiful!
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    Critique Request Progression of a P-Plate

    I started this one by drawing the spine and leaves directly on the plate. I then cut the 1) spine & leaves, 2) did the shading, 3) cut the crosshatching, 4) stippled the background and 5) added the black paint. I realized that I cut the shading and crosshatching too lightly as they virtually...
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    Critique Request From drawing to P-Plate

    Here is the practice plate I cut from the drawing posted here last evening. I have not done the shading as of yet. This example will have the spine obscured by the leaves and shading. You'll see that my efforts on beveling the leaf ends is not very consistent. This is one of the smallest...
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    Critique Request Newest Scrolls

    This is my latest scroll design. I've tried to incorporate the suggestions received on the forums. CC Please and Tnx!
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    Latest practice plate

    With the help of a lot of folks, I think I'm beginning to see how these things are supposed to come together. Lots of room for improvement, yet. CC welcomed.
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    Mt first non-plate practice - a knife

    As you may recall, I spent the entire week doing Home School training. I got lots of time with Ron. He never lets up! So here is my first practice plate - a cheap knife. I downloaded two of the photos Steve has on the training page and transferred one to the knife. What fun! Way off from...
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    Editorial corrections and apologies

    In my eagerness to learn (and hopefully master) engraving, I have unintentionally stepped on some toes and/or crossed the lines of proper protocol and decorum of this and/or other forums. My little blog is meant to be a tool for other Newbies who might be interested in someone else's attempts...
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    Another great redirect...

    For those of you interested in my engraving progress, I have some very exciting news. Click the link below. CC Welcomed.
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    Critique Request Cutting Alfano's sample

    I 'stole' this online, transferred it to a plate and had the best time cutting it last night! I only did one pass of cutting out the background. I'll do the horizontal cut this weekend. Sam, it looks nothing like yours! Boy, I wish!!! CC welcomed.
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    Old scrolls and a new one...

    I photoed all the practice plates I've cut so far and added them to my blog. I also added one that I redrew from Ron Smith's book, transferred and cut this past Tuesday night (below). I plan on adding leaves and shading it soon. Click link below. CC always welcome.
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    Sticking out my newbie neck!

    Engraving friends, I'm putting my neck on the line in my goal to become a Master Engraver. I've built a blog and ask you to help me reach my goal by commenting on what I'm doing right and what I'm doing wrong. I didn't want to tax this forum with repeated threads. You've all been most...