1. D

    Announcement: Need an engraver :) - for stainless steel watch

    Hi to all, I am in the jewelry and watch business and need the services of a steel engraver that can start by March. The job is a steel Swiss watch - Bracelet and case - will provide style / art details. My direct email is csales61312@gmail.com 858 699 7878 Thanks Doron
  2. RedfordTrails

    Question: Engraving Titanium (Black Titanium) Too hard?

    Hi, I took a simple job to engrave a phrase in script on the outside of a ring. This ring is stamped TITANIUM but it's black in color. I believe some kind of anodizing... from what I was told any way. I put my layout on the ring and when I tried to make my first cut the the graver wanted to...
  3. D

    Help, please: Engraving rifle barrels

    This is my first post to this site. I have been researching the best way or new ideas to hold and rotate a rifle barrel for engraving. I have seen a read about some innovative ways. I’m asking this forum for help because you are the experts. I could muddle my way by trial and error, but I...

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