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  1. HattieW

    Announcement: Excellent Instruction

    Hello everyone. I am so happy to have joined this amazing community of artisans. I just wanted to share the wonderful experience I had studying with JJ Roberts in Manassas, VA this August. I am a self-taught metalsmith and have been a jewelry instructor for quite a few years. I purchased a used...
  2. N

    Engraving Instruction in California

    Hello all, I was wondering if I may solicit some advice in finding some basic engraving courses. As of now it appears my best option is to take some classes at the GRS training center. Before I sign up I was wondering if there is anyone who knows of and could recommend any classes in...
  3. L

    Zero Experience; looking for school

    I've carved wood for over 50 years, but have absolutely zero artistic talent and have to follow a pattern (Thank you Google...) I really want to learn to engrave (the pieces on here are stunning, to say the least) and would like to find engraving classes in SE Pennsylvania or Delaware -...

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