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    Question: New enset hand piece

    Saw enset has a new hand piece called the finishing hand piece or something. The description says it's for filing and stuff but does it also work for fine detail engraving (shading and such)? I know a lot of people have been asking for less power on that machine. Has anyone used this new hand...
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    Question: Which engraver system to get??? GRS, Enset or Lindsay?

    bing a newbie, I don't know what brand to get. my dream is to scroll, sculptr and jewlry. I bet you guys or gals will enlighten me. cheers. thankyou. wayne
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    Question: Enset vs. AirGraver vs. NSX Presto Rotary

    Hello, I'm new to this marvelous forum. As a quick intro, I'm in the software industry but enjoy building 1911s (pistols) in my spare time. I've taken advanced machinist courses and dabble in art as a painter and a sculptor via sand castings. I want to do high relief engravings on the 1911...
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    Sculpting Oak Leaves with Enset

    Here is the link to the video that I said would be ready today. =60200491&profile_tab[tab_count]=34"]Click Here for Video Chris

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