gold inlay

  1. Jan Hendrik

    Griffon gold inlay tutorial

    I just uploaded a video on my Patreon page covering the gold inlay process of a Griffon design in an ax head for well known knife maker Henning Wilkinson. Henning is a member of the South African Knife Makers Guild. The tutorial covers the whole inlay process from start to finish including...
  2. Jan Hendrik

    Critique Request My second bulino engraving attempt

    Thsi is my second attempt at bulino engraving on grade 2 Titanium knife bolsters. Your input and advice will be greatly appreciated!
  3. F

    Conroy Engraving

    I am new to the community and was excited to find this site. I just wanted to share some of my work.
  4. mvangle

    2017 FEGA Seminar DVDs now available at FEGA.COM

    I am pleased to announce the 2017 FEGA Seminar DVDs are now available for purchase at FEGA.COM #63 Gold Inlay Technics by Master Engraver Bob Evans. $42.00 #64 Bulino Engraving By Master Engraver Simone Fezzardi $42.00 Set of #63 & #64 $56.00 Both seminars were well done by...
  5. N

    Native American silver & gold box

    A work in progress: a Raven box in silver and 23K gold, 3" x 3" x 4". I have made silver boxes and gold boxes before, but this is the first time that I have used the gold inlay technique. This is my pet project; which I will work on as I have time over the next few months. Included is a...
  6. Weldon47

    From drawing to finished engraved scene

    Been a while since I posted anything….so here goes! Recently the topic was discussed of working from a rough drawing to do your engraving …..and how "rough" some of us are. Here's a bit of step-by-step on a project I did some time ago that'll show how I do it. It shows the progression...
  7. N

    Native Indian Salmon

    This pendant is silver with 23K gold, 1.25" x 1.25". Where I have inlaid gold this would abalone shell inlay, according to tradition. The old masters did amazing work with abalone shell inlay. It has taken me a while to figure out the best way to use inlay, and this piece is getting closer. I...
  8. N

    Native American Puffin in progress

    I like seeing the in progress posts by engravers so I am adding one of mine. The gold inlay and stipple texturing have not been used previously in Northwest coast Native engraving. I have been applying these techniques for about a year. The gold inlay face shown here is 7 MM wide. About 2 years...
  9. N

    Kwakiutl Loon, gold inlay

    This piece is sterling silver and 23K gold. Traditionally inlays like this were done with abalone shell, which is indigenous to my area. It has taken me a while to get the idea how to use the gold inlay technique effectively with this style of engraving. I see now that engraving on the inlaid...
  10. T

    Multicolor in/overlay: Leopard project

    Hello, I thought I will post pictures of this project because it might be of interest. This floor plate is a deep relief, copper and silver inlay, green gold overlay and yellow gold over overlay (because it is above the green gold). Since I could not post real large picture on the forum I...
  11. V

    My bulino engraving and gold inlay on knife

    I am sending you a preview of my engraving on the knife. Here, I have used the engraving technique called Bulino dots and lines and gold inlay. The flower is made by enamel technique. Vlastik :graver:
  12. N

    Question: Gold inlay into Sterling Silver

    Can anyone tell me if it is possible to inlay 24K gold into sterling silver? I engrave silver quite a bit and I would like to use the gold inlay technique, if it is possible on a such a soft metal. I also engrave white gold, has anyone inlaid 24K gold into 14K or 18K white gold?

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