1. DakotaDocMartin

    GOLD! Gold ore from the Red Lake Goldcorp Coshner Mine

    Being that many of us occasionally use gold, I figured you might like to see a recent gold vein strike. A friend of mine is the geologist in the Red Lake Goldcorp Coshner Mine up in Canada. It's been like this or better the last 10 days! Wow! :) No wonder people get crazy and run around...
  2. Chujybear

    Some fun on 22kt

    Ya I never post. Turns out its easier than I thought. (All assuming the attachment works). Bracelet done for my brothers wife. Slightly outside of my usual fair. Just a bit of mostly straight engraving.
  3. DakotaDocMartin

    Heat coloring of titanium

    This is also something I would like to try some day. The blued titanium watches with the gold inlay that Chris DeCammilis does for the Montana Watch Co. are awesome.:yes Blue and gold together have a beautiful look.:thumbs up: Heat coloring of titanium: Pale Gold Straw-385 ºC = 725 ºF...
  4. Roger Keagle

    Question: Inlays, gold and other metals...

    I know this may be a dumb question, but hey, this is me learning here.... What do I do when I want to taper off an inlay to nothing....see you guys doing it, but have not found any one telling how it is done...closest I got was a bout some dog hair that needed a similar treatment. Also...

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