graver sharpening

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    Tom White hone + GRS dual angle sharpener question

    I have a Tom White diamond power hone and have just gotten the GRS dual angle sharpener. I have used the GRS sharpener in the past with a GRS hone, and the magnetic post for the sharpener held well to the top of the hone. With my Tom White hone there is a black plastic platform on the top of the...
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    Question: Here it is a 120 Degree Graver Sharpeninng

    Here It is a 120 Degree V-shaped cut. Is it correct ? I hope it's correct. any question?:thinking:
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    Question: Here's My Graver Sharpening Video. I am Beginning Engraver.

    Is it correct ? if not correct. let me know.It is a V-shaped cut, I use a 120º graver @ 45 degree face with a 15+/- degree high heel.
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    Gold Wheel polishin- and no facets on big flats

    US silver cutters are pretty fussy about the polish on the bottom or our flats. I know the stone setters have been using these Gold Wheels for some time and hand polish with great success- but there cuts are very short and usually quite steep. Meaning that I think they can get away with faceting...

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