1. F

    HELP*** Questions on what gravers to purchase and what kind?????

    Hey guys so I am new to engraving but am very dedicated in learning so here are my questions: Background: I own a GRS GraverSmith with a 901 Hand piece. I also bought a couple of different Quick Change Gravers for it 1. What other gravers will fit into the 901 hand piece besides the GRS...
  2. A

    Just starting and seeking advice on tools

    I am a lapidary and gemstone/jade carver and silversmith and I would like to tackle engraving and add it to my abilities. I am curious about the differences and usability between the different GRS models like the Graversmith and Gravermax G8? I want a machine I can grow with and would not soon...
  3. M

    Critique Request first completed project... newbie.

    This is my first completed project. I have to go back and restiple some spots and re blacken but I've had no lessons, other then sam alfanos scroll work DVD which I watched 3/4 of the way through this project. I know it's not all that but I'm pretty proud of myself for my first one. Project was...
  4. Latergaters

    Question: GraverSmith - No pop and hiss

    I have been turning off both my GraverSmith and my compressor and draining it when not in use. However, last night I was reading the manual and I found this passage. The funny thing is I don't remember ever hearing a pop and hiss so when I went down to engrave today I tried it out while I was...
  5. M

    Help, please: beginner: will pay for help in newark, de/ elkton, MD area. willing to travel

    Hello everyone, I'd like to start off by saying I admire all of your work and knowledge... needless to say I thought this looked a lot easier then it really is. I recently purchased a collection of engraving equipment from my boss, who's father was an engraver for the Franklin mint before he...