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  1. dimovengraving

    GRS with GRS

    A desktop plaque that I made for the 40th anniversary of GRS company The materials and techniques are: stand of walnut, inlayed boxwood and silver (925). Fine and micro woodcarving Width of each letter - 30 mm In first time I use GRS handpieces for wood-carving :handpiece...
  2. M

    New to the Engraver's Cafe Graver Max!

    Hello, I am new to the Engraver's Café and this is my first post. I recently acquired an older GRS Graver Max in great condition and would like to sell it so that I can buy the New Graver AT. My question is how much could I ask for it? It includes a hand piece and all inner and outer hose...
  3. F

    Question: Lindsay and GRS graver compatibility

    Hello, this question is in regards to beginner tool purchasing. I am interested in the art, but have limited means for equipment. I wanted to try out a bit of hand push engraving and was looking at the Lindsay site and the GRS site and am very confused about which graver blades can work in a...

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