1. T

    Graver Sharpening Help (please)

    I am brand new, I’ve got a standard Lindsay foot pedal graver kit with a GRS magnablock, i unboxed it today and ran the blade dull within 15 minutes because I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m leaning towards the Lindsay templates, but there are so many of them it is overwhelming and I hardly...
  2. A

    GRS and Lindsay QC compatibility

    Hi, I want to buy a Lindsay Artisan these days and I'm researching it. I will use it mainly for jewelry stone setting and simple embellishments. I have a few questions for you: 1. Is the Artisan a good choice for what I want? 2. Since I don't want to spend a lot of time/money on templates...
  3. F

    HELP*** Questions on what gravers to purchase and what kind?????

    Hey guys so I am new to engraving but am very dedicated in learning so here are my questions: Background: I own a GRS GraverSmith with a 901 Hand piece. I also bought a couple of different Quick Change Gravers for it 1. What other gravers will fit into the 901 hand piece besides the GRS...
  4. tinkerSue

    Question: GRS Dual Angle Sharpening Fixture

    Hello All! I have been lurking for a super long time now and virtually all of my questions have been asked and answered many times. Thank you! :bow: I am learning how to hand-push engrave with a class consisting of me and myself...taught by I. The teacher is okay but doesn't really know what's...
  5. M

    Question: Which engraver system to get??? GRS, Enset or Lindsay?

    bing a newbie, I don't know what brand to get. my dream is to scroll, sculptr and jewlry. I bet you guys or gals will enlighten me. cheers. thankyou. wayne
  6. V

    Things around the house

    :happyvise:After I realized that my new grs handles & gravers weren't compatible, I started organizing some art supplies when I noticed how useful the vinyl cutter is as a graver handle. The ink roller, I presume, could easily be used as a sharpener guide as well. I should start paying more...
  7. F

    Grs vs steve lindsay

    Hi all I'm just getting into engraving motorcycle parts and have been looking at engraving systems. I took a class and was able to use the grs and the lindsay. However there is quite a price difference between the two. Is there a benefit of one over the other? Do I need palm control? The two...
  8. O

    chinese clone on ebay -- concern

    Hi, everybody. First an introduction. I am new to engraving, and have been trying hammer and chisel and push gravers. I am in the Omaha Ne. USA area. I have been this forum and ebay for used equipment. After reading many posts on what to buy, I can see that there are clones of GRS...
  9. A

    Old Gravermesiter with adapter kit

    I have an ancient Gravermeister that has had the adapter kit installed on it so it will have 1600-2400 spm. I got it a couple of months ago and am having some problems with it. I haven't used it over 10 hours since I got it and I hope someone can help me figure out what is wrong. It has been...
  10. S

    GRS service???

    Hi everyone, under normal circumstances I would not do this, but in the last 3 days I have made attempts to order a GRS ultra 850 handpiece to be brought to me next week by someone traveling to South Africa, but for some reason GRS have not responded to my emails! Can anyone suggest where else I...
  11. J

    hey everyone

    just sayin hi, i just finished the class at GRS with todd daniels...... awesome!!! he is a great teacher and a great person. i dont talk alot or ask alot of questions but i learned sooo much this week.... also i found out about this forum so i'll be reading it all the time....

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