1. dimovengraving

    Gunstock Art Nouveau III

    Next carved "Art Nouveau" gunstock : Info: Carving class I +, ornaments of style Art Nouveau, inlaid pieces of boxwood (Lat: buxus) of mallard (Lat: Anas platyrhynchos) and roll with gift inscription ; metal engraving and gilding of the moving parts of the mechanism , made by Dimitar...
  2. Jakob Johansson

    Announcement: Traditionally Engraved Knives - by LGdagger

    Hello! I am new on this forum and i am helping my good friend Lars-Göran Dolk on this forum. He make engraved knives in a traditional way by hand. All work he has done is handmade, even the drawing. Here is an example of one of the knives he have made! We both are from Sweden so excuse if my...
  3. Jericho

    Question: Gunstock Carving Forum

    :thinking: Does anyone know of a good gun stock carving forum like this site or do many people use this site for that? I am into both metalwork and engraving as well as stock making and carving and since this site has been extremely valuable for engraving I would like to learn more about each in...

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