1. Jeff2t

    Beginners Way into Power Graving

    This is a modification of Shaun Hughes Homemade Engraving Machine to use a flexi-drive drill as a power source. This way you don't need a 12v power supply, speed controller or air-valve footpedal that is required when building Shaun's version. Just remove the motor on the car tyre compressor...
  2. Golabekrafts

    Homemade sharpening jig (Lego)

    Just thought I’d share this, as I’m a beginner and it was the easiest/cheapest way for me to sharpen as a step up from completely hand sharpening. I made a little jig out of Lego technic pieces for sharpening the gravers I made, it only holds the main angle depending on how far protruding the...
  3. M

    Home made tools.

    After seeing the interest in home made engraving tools I thought I would show my DIY engraving vises. Here is the first one I made, it has a body/ball made from a stainless steel garden shop gazing ball. I made a spindle on the lathe from tubing with two ball bearings to support the top plate...
  4. T

    Question: Im a poor college student ixed on learning to engrave. Help on cheaper/homemade tools

    I have always loved engraved firearms, and am an avid firearm owner, reloader, bullet caster. I just started reading up on hand engraving and I know I would love it. I made myself a grave out of the back of a high speed drill bit that turned out kind of nice, I cut a piece of dowel off and used...

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