1. F

    Conroy Engraving

    I am new to the community and was excited to find this site. I just wanted to share some of my work.
  2. P

    blowing in the air...

    White gold with diamonds color F (VVs1) and an oval Peridot blowing in the air... hope you like it... you can see more creations on secreto estudio de joyería (Facebook)
  3. A

    Question: n-graver Magnagraver for Pave / Stone Setting

    Hi Folks, I should probably do a quick intoduction as this is my first post having just joined the forum. I'm a hobbyist jeweler based in Melbourne Australia and I've been looking at purchasing a setup for stone setting, specifically channel setting and pave. I'm pretty clear on the...
  4. B

    Ring finished

    Ring Material stainless 316 and 24K gold (background) With 10mm Diameter exterior 21mm Hight of the ring band 1.2mm Sculpting depth 0.8mm this depth was necessary for the gold inlay) The last picture i took my self sorry the quality is not like the ones took by a Pro.. It's ONE ring! Now up...
  5. dimovengraving

    Announcement: "Guinevere" : folder knife-jewelry

    I just finished an interesting (in my opinion) knife-jewelry "Guinevere" : folder knife-jewelry(necklace) (click on photos to enlarge) GENERAL INFORMATION: weight 46 gr(1.62 ounce), Total length 115mm(4 1/2"), width 37 mm(1 1/2"), Length folded 65mm(2 1/2"), complete hand engraved with...
  6. K

    The Sites and Sounds of our Studio

    Enjoy this excellent video promo we just released of our studio in North Carolina... "The Music of Creation"!!!! Kathryn Holton Stewart
  7. J

    Question: deburring?

    I am a jewelry designer and metalsmith by trade and have been doing engraving for a couple years. I really enjoy engraving but I make jewelry from carving wax's to the stone setting, so I don't have as much time as I would like to focus on engraving. Then I only get to do it when it is called...

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