1. BBennett

    Ron Smith's Fundamentals of Lettering Videos.

    Just wanted to advise everyone that there are 2 new Ron Smith's teachings on YouTube. They are 2 parts of a 7 part series entitled "The Fundamentals of Lettering for Hand Engravers". These are the Parts and Links: Part 1: Introduction, Tools and Tips Part 2: Block Lettering Remaining parts...
  2. Southern Custom

    Sterling punch bowl project

    I haven't visited much lately much less participated or contributed anything to the forum. The shop has been a little over run but here is one of the latest time suckers. This sterling silver punch bowl is a replica/replacement for an award that was lost in the mail. The medallion was done in...
  3. C

    Help, please: Historic lettering reproduction needed

    I am writing to invite interested persons to contact me regarding duplication of some historic lettering on a brass trophy vase. I will be making four trophy vases and plaques and need to have them engraved to match the lettering on an existing trophy from 1946. A close-up image of the...
  4. Baygraver

    New tools; new possibilities

    Hello all, I’ve taken a particular interest in engraved calligraphy. I’d like to raise a point that I haven’t seen expressed. I’ve carefully studied the directions for cuts of letters (slanted script) in Meek’s and others’ books. Certainly, this can be helpful but IMHO, I...