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    Question: Ring Holding Fixtures

    What is everyones opinions on the different ring holding fixtures (Ringenie, Jura QC Basic set, Lindsay Expanding Cosmos, and Lindsay Bench Jewel)? Also are they interchangeable with the others vises (Jura in Lindsay PalmControl vise or Expanding Cosmos in GRS micro blocks)?
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    Question: Which engraver system to get??? GRS, Enset or Lindsay?

    bing a newbie, I don't know what brand to get. my dream is to scroll, sculptr and jewlry. I bet you guys or gals will enlighten me. cheers. thankyou. wayne
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    Grs vs steve lindsay

    Hi all I'm just getting into engraving motorcycle parts and have been looking at engraving systems. I took a class and was able to use the grs and the lindsay. However there is quite a price difference between the two. Is there a benefit of one over the other? Do I need palm control? The two...