1. T

    Bulino Engraving

    What Kind of the Best Metal for Bulino Engraving ?
  2. K

    Help, please: G'day from Australia but help needed

    Hi all !! My name is Jayson , I found this forum through google searches to be honest and it seems like there are some very nice and knowledgable people on here :) Like everyone I come to you with a newly found hobby and project . I am hoping to acid etch or engrave a wrestling...
  3. Jericho

    Question: How to transfer designs

    I am new to engraving and I'm having some difficulties transfering my designs to metal using acetone. I have recently ordered some applique paper for gunstock carving but don't know if this method will work on metal. I also have no clue how to get my designs onto blued metal since ink shows...
  4. M

    Announcement: New here, still learning

    HELLO I have been here off and on, still learning how to get around here on this site. I have been involved in teaching art and many forms of the creative processes in life. I am making a effort to put more time here at the forum to learn more of this skill. I was introduced to...