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    Northwest Coast Native Box

    A Raven design on a Silver and 23K gold Bentwood style box. 3" x 3" x 3.75" I learned a lot engraving this piece, and I am already working on the next one.
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    Native American silver & gold box

    A work in progress: a Raven box in silver and 23K gold, 3" x 3" x 4". I have made silver boxes and gold boxes before, but this is the first time that I have used the gold inlay technique. This is my pet project; which I will work on as I have time over the next few months. Included is a...
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    Northwest Native Indian Bracelet

    A silver Hummingbird Bracelet, 1' x 6". I always work from sketches for my engraving designs. My approach focuses on the use of space, to keep the viewers eye moving along the design. The "cross hatching" in the negative areas is distinctive to Northwest coast Native design, although I...
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    Native Indian Raven Pendant

    This necklace is sterling silver, 23K gold and abalone shell. The pendant is 1.5" x 1" and the necklace is 20" long.

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