1. Z

    Correct Parts

    Hello this is my first time buying my own parts for metal engraving. I saw that their was a basic list of where to buy parts. I just want to make Shure that my list will work together and i wont have to buy more parts later due to them being incompatible with each other. Or if im buying stuff...
  2. L

    Zero Experience; looking for school

    I've carved wood for over 50 years, but have absolutely zero artistic talent and have to follow a pattern (Thank you Google...) I really want to learn to engrave (the pieces on here are stunning, to say the least) and would like to find engraving classes in SE Pennsylvania or Delaware -...
  3. A

    Just starting and seeking advice on tools

    I am a lapidary and gemstone/jade carver and silversmith and I would like to tackle engraving and add it to my abilities. I am curious about the differences and usability between the different GRS models like the Graversmith and Gravermax G8? I want a machine I can grow with and would not soon...
  4. W

    Critique Request Newbie engravers first attempt at relief engraving

    So here it is my first attempt. I know I have a long way to go but you got to start somewhere. Sorry about the photo I am putting together a photo booth today. I have not had the luxury of receiving any formal lessons. That being said, any pointers are greatly appreciated!!!!
  5. johnnyoro

    Antwerp, Belgium - Alexandre School

    Hello! I am a new member to the engraver cafe :) I am currently taking a three month course in Antwerp, at the Alexandre School. Are there any engravers on this forum in Antwerp or in Belgium? It would be great to meet or visit fellow engravers while I'm here! :graver: I've been engraving...
  6. M

    Critique Request first completed project... newbie.

    This is my first completed project. I have to go back and restiple some spots and re blacken but I've had no lessons, other then sam alfanos scroll work DVD which I watched 3/4 of the way through this project. I know it's not all that but I'm pretty proud of myself for my first one. Project was...
  7. M

    Help, please: using hand gravers in quickchange handpiece holders?

    I'm attempting to jump into sharpening this evening and I have boxes and boxes full of these gravers that were in wooden handles for hand push engraving. Is there a way I can use these with my magnum 901 handpiece with quick change holders? Do they have to be shortened? Can I just round out the...
  8. R

    Question: Gun engraving??

    I have signed up for the Single action pistol engraving class taught by Rex Pederson at the GRS school next year. I have a couple of old pistols I thought I might try engraving on in the meantime, there some special "prep" work that must be done to the pistol?? And are there special...
  9. A

    Question: Has anyone used one of these turntables?

    Hi there, I'm new to the forum and relatively new to hand engraving - just looking for some advice. I'm trying to set up my jewellery bench at home for some engraving and setting. I'm looking at possible solutions for holding my block. Right now it's too high, sitting inside my bench...
  10. B

    I can't let this go unnoticed...

    Obviously, my posts have brought out the best and worst in some respondents. On the positive side, I've gotten a few very instructive and encouraging forum responses; some very nice PMs; an invitation to go one-on-one via Skype; and today a small package from Cloudy. There was no writing...
  11. B

    Ron's latest Kious

    I took these Tuesday at Ron's. Up close and personal it's even more beautiful!
  12. B

    Critique Request Progression of a P-Plate

    I started this one by drawing the spine and leaves directly on the plate. I then cut the 1) spine & leaves, 2) did the shading, 3) cut the crosshatching, 4) stippled the background and 5) added the black paint. I realized that I cut the shading and crosshatching too lightly as they virtually...
  13. B

    Critique Request From drawing to P-Plate

    Here is the practice plate I cut from the drawing posted here last evening. I have not done the shading as of yet. This example will have the spine obscured by the leaves and shading. You'll see that my efforts on beveling the leaf ends is not very consistent. This is one of the smallest...
  14. B

    Critique Request Newest Scrolls

    This is my latest scroll design. I've tried to incorporate the suggestions received on the forums. CC Please and Tnx!
  15. B

    Latest practice plate

    With the help of a lot of folks, I think I'm beginning to see how these things are supposed to come together. Lots of room for improvement, yet. CC welcomed.
  16. B

    Another great redirect...

    For those of you interested in my engraving progress, I have some very exciting news. Click the link below. CC Welcomed.
  17. B

    Critique Request Cutting Alfano's sample

    I 'stole' this online, transferred it to a plate and had the best time cutting it last night! I only did one pass of cutting out the background. I'll do the horizontal cut this weekend. Sam, it looks nothing like yours! Boy, I wish!!! CC welcomed.
  18. B

    Old scrolls and a new one...

    I photoed all the practice plates I've cut so far and added them to my blog. I also added one that I redrew from Ron Smith's book, transferred and cut this past Tuesday night (below). I plan on adding leaves and shading it soon. Click link below. CC always welcome.
  19. B

    Smith scrolls - revisited

    My computer had a very bad virus for the past week, so I wasn't able to post any of my ongoing drawings from R. Smith's "Advanced Drawing of Scrolls." So here are what I've been able to do thus far. Sorry for so many images!! This afternoon, Attila said that he'd give me a C+ for these. (I...
  20. B

    Copying Smith - #3

    Great help, suggestions and oberservations from you guys and gals really help me with this ongoing effort. Tnx! Here are the latest in my quest to become a 'Scroll Master.' CC welcomed!

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