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    Tom White hone + GRS dual angle sharpener question

    I have a Tom White diamond power hone and have just gotten the GRS dual angle sharpener. I have used the GRS sharpener in the past with a GRS hone, and the magnetic post for the sharpener held well to the top of the hone. With my Tom White hone there is a black plastic platform on the top of the...
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    Help...trying to turn my inland glass grinder into a power hone

    Does anyone know if these are the things I need to accomplish making my glass grinder into a power hone? Any help would be greatly appreciated. https://inlandcraft.com/shop/swaptop/swaptop-arbor-nut-set/ some of these 6" laps...
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    Question: Graver Tip and Heel

    Good morning, Good afternoon and Good evening everyone, I am fairly new to the world of engraving and have been spending a lot of time lately working on my scroll design and basic line and curved cuts to get a feel for my GraverMax. I recently purchased a power hone along with a standard...
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    has anyone ordered from here?

    I was looking for decent laps and found this site. my disclaimer I am not affiliated just a newbie looking for decent price on decent laps and the link: http://www.lapidarytool.com/cart/diamond-flat-laps-/diamond-lap-1/2-hole.html?page=all they also sell from amazon which is where I...
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    getting new pro set up for engraving and setting

    hello, loving all the tips,tricks and personalities on here. I have decided it's time to bite the bullet, and get properly set up with a powered graver and the rest. Im still decididng between Lindsay palm, or grs, but the main decisions are as follows. the scope- looking at meiji EMZ-5 on...

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