1. P

    Stainless 1911 Finishing

    Good morning, I am going to engrave my stainless steel 1911 slide and I was talking to a gunsmith about finishing and he said all ss slides have some sort of protective finishing applied from the factory. Does anyone know if this is true? What is the finishing norm for stainless after...
  2. S

    Question: Engraving vise

    Hello everybody, I need your opinion on Engraving vises/blocks. As I currently don't have one, I am looking to get myself a good one that will suit me for a while. Before the need arises to buy an extra one to hold things the first one cant. What I want to do is engrave small...
  3. K

    membership pledge(donation)newbies and juniors please read

    I am as much a newbie as there is. I know little to no terminology,heck,I don't even own the first graver yet. I got interested seeing some beautiful engraving on a gun on another site and got interested. I was lucky enough to happen upon this website. I was poking around on the site as I often...
  4. Jericho

    Question: Transferring Designs to Project

    :thinking: I am new to engraving and am trying to get my designs (drawn, scanned, and printed to size) onto my project but I am having no luck with the Acetone method I have learned. I have recently ordered some Applique Film for use on gunstock and am wondering if this will also work on metal...

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