1. D

    Scrimshaw appraisal requested for a piece of my old work

    Yesterday, a lady contacted me by email asking me to appraise a scrimshaw piece I did many years ago that has been set into a sterling silver belt buckle. I have no idea what the market is like these days or what the value may be. Is there anyone here who does appraisals like that or knows...
  2. S

    Scrimshaw: Thanks for teh research help

    A while back I asked for help on some research for a project. My customer wanted an elephant hunt scene from the15th or 16th century. The criteria was an Arab type figure on horseback keeping the attention of the elephant while a second figure approaches from behind and hamstrings the animal. I...
  3. Paulie

    Critique Request My new scrimshaw attempts.

    :tiphat:Hi folks! After discovering this wonderful engraving world since a couple of years, viewing all the fine engravings & scrimshaw posted & shared by all members, absorbing all the good tips & tricks about engraving and scrimshaw (thanks a lot everybody!!), now... it 's time for me to show...
  4. S

    Scrimshaw: Scrimshaw - Thanks for your help - here is the result

    I'm pretty much a lurker, but would like to thank all the posters for their very useful information. Always liked the idea of Scrimshaw so, taking advise from this forum I used a disecting microscope, some conservator's wax and a pin vise came up with a few creations. 1. Piece of moose...
  5. Darrel Morris

    New Scrimshaw

    Hello everyone, I'm sorry I've been away, but I finally have something new to show. It's a small reverse scrimshaw on buffalo horn 4 3/4" tall including the purpleheart base.
  6. S

    I need research help

    Hi Everyone, I have an order that I am researching , and I need some help. My customer described an elephant hunt scene from the 15th or 16th century. He read about this hunt in a book on hunting. He mentioned Wilbur Smith and Sir Samuel Baker as possible authors. It could also be in a book...
  7. Darrel Morris

    New Pirate Scrimshaw

    I just finished this and thought I'd share it. Sorry about the quality of the photo. One of these days I'll have to buy a decent camera and learn how to use it.
  8. KatherinePlumer

    Scrimshaw: Toucans on a William Henry knife

    Hi everyone. Some of you saw parts of this in Reno, but I thought I'd post the finished piece. I'd like to say thank you to the William Henry company for the opportunity to do this work. I really commend them for reaching out to so many engravers and producing so many wonderfully unique...
  9. S

    Civil War

    Over the last year I’ve had several orders for Civil War scenes, so I thought I’d share some of my working photos from these. The knife commemorated a customer’s ancestor and the reverse ribbon shows the regiments he belonged to. The other photos are from a pair of pool cues. (Each band on...
  10. S

    New Scrim Order

    It only took three years, collaboration with 2 other people, and finally I got it finished. Thought I'd share a photo. This customer lives for duck hunting! I just added a few new things to my website: Look at Jewelry, Fine Art, and my how-to DVD.
  11. S

    Help, please: cameras,

    I was reading a thread on new cameras, and am interested in the canon g 12. but no one posted any shots taken with one and I was wondering how it did for close up detail. I currently use an olympus camedia c-3000. At only 3.3 megapixelss it's a dinosaur in today's market, but it takes great...
  12. M

    New guy , learning to get around hear,,,

    HELLO TO EVERYONE, I am still learning to get around here,,, I enjoy this site and use the hammer and chisel. Any input is greatly appriciated, I have posted a very small sample of my art work. Keeping this short for now,,, Thank you Mike

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